‘Twelve Lifetimes’ Now Available!

Hello, lovelies!

My novel Twelve Lifetimes is now available! ????

I’m so very proud of this book. If you have an interest in historical romance, past lives, and/or self-discovery, this one is for you!

Here is the blurb for a little taste of what to expect:

Elizabeth Cambridge has lived before. In fact, she has lived eleven times before, and in those lifetimes, she endured more love, more loss, and more heartache than anyone should. Tired of watching her parents die, and unable to fathom losing her soulmate again, Elizabeth seeks professional help to dissect her previous lives in an attempt to figure out how she can finally get her happy ending. But will this life be different? Can Elizabeth find the happiness she craves? Or is she destined to repeat her mistakes and suffer the same heartbreak that she has faced so many times before?

To get your hands on your copy, jump over to my ‘Books’ page and click on the link on the page for ‘Twelve Lifetimes’.

Happy reading!

CM xx