Hello, lovelies!

Well, June has been busy so far! Here’s a little snapshot of what I’ve been up to…

As you would know, my new novel ‘Linger’ is available on Amazon as a paperback and a Kindle eBook, depending on your preference. It’s a love story, but not your typical love story. You can buy it from here: or find links to purchase any of my other books from the ‘BOOKS’ tab above.

I have also recently finished writing my 27th novel, ‘Dangerously Captivating’, which is a sequel to another of my books called ‘Dangerously Beautiful’. This series follows Anabelle Montgomery, who is a bartender at Crescent, as she joins a team of attractive, justice-seeking, vigilante assassins. They were mentioned by Cole Frost in Forever Ruby (for those playing along at home):

“So, um, does anyone else live in this building or do you monopolise the whole thing?”
He blinked. “No, well, it’s mostly just mine. It is all mine, really, but one of the levels is dedicated to a sort of independent organisation that I started a few decades ago—if you listen closely you might hear them on the fourth floor—but other than that, the building remains my playground, if you will.”
“What does the organisation do?”
He smiled. “Bring about justice when the law fails.”
“One day I’ll explain it to you.”
I nodded. “Are they human?”
“Yes,” he replied. “They are dangerously beautiful humans.”
I breathed a laugh. “Most beautiful people are dangerous.”

I have just started on the third in this series and hope that they’ll be a couple more to follow.

Other than that, I am working on rewriting an old story of mine called ‘Heart Strings’, which I’d love to pop up on Amazon in the future, along with one called ‘Art Imitating Life’, which was the story that inspired South Coast Son.

So, that’s my June!

All the love,
C xox

3. Linger - Cover Final