Light and Shadow Series Now Available!

Hello, lovelies!

S T E P   I N T O   A   W O R L D   O F   M A G I C !

Starting with DYING LIGHT, you can experience the world of Light Lacers and Shadow Weavers from the perspective of Sienna Sullivan.
Then, continue the story with AFTERGLOW, the second book in the series, as the enemy closes in on Sienna and her friends.
The series continues with RISING SHADOW, when tensions run high and Sienna and her friends must fight for their freedom. Finally, catch the thrilling conclusion with RAY OF LIGHT as one enemy falls and another rises.

On December 16, I will release a Light and Shadow collection called THE DARKEST LIGHT, which is six short stories told by Tobias Hail as he recounts his life and the important females who have shaped him. (Make sure you read the Light and Shadow Series before this one as it contains spoilers!)

I’m so excited to share these stories with you! This series is one of my absolute favourites!

Much love and stay safe,

Claire M xx