‘Fluidity’ Now Available!

Hello, lovelies!

Strap yourself in for an emotional rollercoaster because Fluidity, which is the fifth book my Visionary Series, is available now!

Check out the blurb below:

A broken heart spells danger for Cassia and all that she holds dear. After the close call with Kasper, high school teacher and oracle Cassia Reid deals with the consequences of her mistake that put the lives of her friends and herself in jeopardy. With her visions compromised and her heart broken, she seeks the company of Adrienne, a charming young maiden who Cassia soon learns there’s more to than meets the eye. As Adrienne’s ulterior motive unfolds, Cassia is forced to look inward to keep herself from facing a fate worse than death. Can she figure out how to save herself? Or will she lose the little that she has left?

To get your hands on your copy, click on the link here.

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Go forth and read!

CM xx