Dreaming of Reality

Hello, lovelies!

My new story Dreaming of Reality will be available on the 4th of April 2017.

Here is the blurb to pique your interest…

Charlie Whitlock has had a successful life. The only problem is, she can’t remember it. After fleeing to South Coast, Charlie wakes from an 18-month coma to find she doesn’t remember anyone except her Doctor, Jackson Mistry.

While Jack aids Charlie on her road to recovery, Charlie begins to worry that, without her memories, she has nothing waiting for her in the outside world. That is until Jordan, her twin sister, arrives and triggers fragments of her old life to resurface. Charlie is overwhelmed by what she remembers, and with Jack’s increasing absence, the prospect of returning to her former life becomes more daunting by the day.

As Charlie learns to stand on her own two feet again, she must face up to her old life in order for her to move on with her new one, but will she?

Emotional, mysterious, and dramatic, Dreaming of Reality explores the importance of identity, and the healing power of love.


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