‘Divinity’ Now Available!

Hello, lovelies!

What happens when the divine collides with the supernatural?

Divinity, which is book three of my Visionary Series, is now available!

Here is the blurb:

As the dust settles after the school fire, an unexpected visitor appears in South Coast with an infernal warning for Cassia.
Cassia Reid wants nothing more than to help others with her gift. She has lost enough people in the past, so uses her ability to see the future to do what she can to save them. That is until her visions suddenly start to cause her physical pain. As the supernatural world collides with the divine, Cassia and her friends face a diabolical enemy who is threatening them all. With the lives of everyone she loves in danger, it’s a race against time to save them from a fate worse than death. Can Cassia keep them out of harm’s way? Or will she lose everything she holds dear?

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Happy reading!

CM xx