The New Kids in Town

Hello, lovelies!

As you probably know, there is always something happening in South Coast. So, I thought I’d stop by and tell you about the couple of new faces I’ve added to my South Coast Collection.

First up, meet Elizabeth Cambridge, the girl with lifetimes of wisdom—literally. Elizabeth’s story is Twelve Lifetimes, and will take you on a journey through time from 80 AD Rome to present time. This one has been a lot of fun to plan because I have been researching history, places, and languages. Elizabeth has seen a lot, and experienced a lot of heartbreak. However, you never quite know if Elizabeth is telling the truth, or she just has elaborate reasoning for being the way she is. So far, I’m up to writing her fourth life, so I have a bit to go on this one. I really want to pace myself so it doesn’t feel rushed.

The second newcomer is Cassia Reid, the slightly outspoken high school teacher who develops the ability to see the future—or more specifically, how people will die. So, who better to pair her up with than my favourite South Coast reaper, Salvatore Vincent. These two are incredibly fun to write because they both like to banter. It’s also fun to introduce Cassia to the Mistry Trilogy world, because she just thinks it’s all a bit ridiculous. Unlike the other supernatural beings in the group, she doesn’t care much for being a part of that world. However, since she can see how her friends will die, she doesn’t particularly want to sit by and do nothing either.

Elizabeth and Cassia join Cole, Amelia, and Anabelle in my works in progress. Yes, I am still working on Cole’s origin story (slowly, steady). Plus, Amelia Saber’s spin-off is also coming along. It picks up after her appearance in Mistry at Dawn (but you may remember her originally as Samuel Saber’s little sister in South Coast Son). Finally, there is the sequel to my Dangerously Beautiful assassin story, helmed by Anabelle, (hint: she used to be a bartender in Crescent, Ruby spoke to her in Forever Ruby). I’m still unsure whether there will be more books in this series. I really quite enjoy it, and there are a few stories that could be told. I suppose it just comes down to me getting around to writing them!

I hope to get back more into writing in the coming months. I should have a little more time now that I have signed off my novels in publication. I’d love to try and finish a couple of the above before someone else starts telling me their story—but you know me, I’m not one to turn anyone away.

So, until next time… stay weird.

C xox