Fall in Love this Thursday

Hello, lovelies!

Get ready to fall in love this Thursday, the 25th of August, when Christian and Layla is officially released!

Christian and Layla is fundamentally about love – about falling in love, about first love, about following what you love, and about being in love.

The thing is, lovelies, it’s easy to love. It’s one of the most natural things on earth. The difficult part comes when you start listening to those who might tell you that you’re wrong in that love. When other people tell you that you shouldn’t love something, and it starts to chip away at you.

Don’t let it.

You know what is best for you, only you. You are the only one that needs to live with your decisions so follow your heart and live a life that you love.

If this novel teaches you anything, I hope it’s that you’re never too young to listen to your heart and follow it. Believe in love and don’t let anyone tell you that what you love isn’t good enough. If it is enough for you, that is well and truly enough.

Christian and Layla is available for pre-order on Amazon, pegasuspublishers.com, and to order from all good online bookstores right now! Whatcha waiting for?

C xox