‘Enigma’ Now Available!

Hello, lovelies!

The wait is up! Book four of my Visionary Series is now available! Check out the blurb for Enigma below:

What happens when the one person who can see everything finds a blind spot? Cassia Reid is an oracle, and in the months since developing the ability, she has become proficient at seeing people’s past and future. Then she meets Kasper Doyle, the enigmatic new teacher at school that she can’t get a read on at all. As Cassia tries to figure out why he is different, she begins having strange visions of the past and attempts to piece them together to discover the cause of a series of mysterious and sudden deaths. Emotions and tensions run high, and Cassia must learn to deny her instincts to keep herself and those around her out of harm’s way. However, she soon starts to realise that it is not as easy as she initially thought.

To get your hands on your copy, click on the link here.

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CM xx